CERMIX and all its expertise in an off-the-shelf range


For stores



· 5 standard shelves taking space constraints into account


· 1 new merchandising concept to maximise sales


· Pallet boxes for easy self-service


· Appealing and vibrant aisles thanks to new colour codes

A 2-metre shelf dedicated to colour grouts




· The 8 most popular colours
· Available in ready-to-use pastes, epoxy, silicone and concrete bases
· New upgraded packaging
· High impact
· Optimised rotation
· Powerful brand identity

For customers



· Pictograms to make reading easier


· An innovative side handle on 5 kg bags


· New packaging technology that doubles shelf life*.



Consistency between the large sizes for the PRO range and the smaller off-the shelf packages thanks to common branding identity.


More appealing and vibrant aisles thanks to new colour codes. More legible segmentation.


More relevant, useful information.

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