Corrosion protection and steel passivation


  • High and durable protection due to active corrosion inhibitors
  • Goes on quickly and easily with a brush
  • Ready to use, requires only the addition of water
  • Exceptional adhesion to steel and other supports
  • The product is white, so you can see where it has been applied
  • Compliant with normEN 1504-7
  • Product characteristics
  • Application areas
  • Documentation
  • Related products
  •  White
Installation temperature
5-30 °C
Use thickness
1-2 mm
Practical working time
Approx. 25 min
Start of setting
90-120 min
End of setting
130-180 min
Particle size
Max 80 µm
75 g/m for 8 mm diameter – 180 g/m for 16 mm diameter
3 kg pail
Shelf life
24 months
Storage conditions
Store in unopened original packaging, protected from moisture and at temperatures between 5°C and 35°C.
Application :
Interior floors 
Substrates :
Concrete, Steel 
Suitable for :
Protect the reinforcing bars from corrosion when reconditioning concrete 

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